Classic Handcrafted Black Or Brown Leather Belt. Available With Bronze Or Silver Tone Buckle. Unisex. For Men & Women. A Gift For Him/ Her.

Model: E101909470353746M

$56.99  $43.99

Beautiful handcrafted black and brown leather belts. Made of thick Italian leather with either a bronze or silver tone buckle.
This belt will last you for years to come. Feel free to ask any questions!

1.57 inches wide
4 cm wide
Belt Length: PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE NEEDED (see sizing chart below).

**A good way to determine the size you need is to measure a current belt you have from the end of leather (where it attaches to buckle) to the hole most often used.

Sizes (before attaching to your buckle hardware):
XS- 25"C 29.5" / 63.5cm C 75cm
S- 29.5" - 34" / 75cm C 86.5cm
M- 34" C 36" / 86.5cm C 91.5cm
L- 36" C 39" / 91.5cm C 99cm
XL- 39" C 42" / 99 cm C 107cm

This belt is designed for interchangeable buckles, so you can wear it with anything! If you would be interested in both buckles or any other buckle, please visit extra buckles category, in this link:

*Belt is available in other sizes/colors as a custom order.
Please contact me for details.
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*Shipping internationally will take approximately 7-28 days.

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