Edinburgh - Double Wrap Hidden Zipper Pocket Travel Scarf

Model: E10190947031521699M


"Why, sometimes I've planned as many as six impossible trips before breakfast."

Get your very own hidden zipper pocket travel scarf, made with all the travel love in the world by a true traveler for true travelers.

This infinity scarf features 30in x approx 60in of fabric and an 8in zipper pocket, ideal for storing your passport, cell phone, credit cards, small wallets, keys, and anything else you may want to discreetly store while traveling. This scarf is ideal for keeping your items close while traveling the world, keeping your ID close during a night out, or any other moment in life during which you wish to keep your items close to your heart and in safe keeping.

*Enhanced design comes with a reinforced pocket positioned to the side of each scarf, making it easier for you to conceal your items and still look great.

This scarf wraps twice around your neck but also looks nice draped once, depending on your outfit and personal taste! This also makes a great gift, so don't forget the fellow travelers in your lives.

Please hand wash this scarf and avoid putting in the dryer.

New scarves created weekly. Custom orders also available by request. Shipped from Hermosa Beach, CA. ?