FTM/NONBINARY space bowling shirt

Model: E10190947034001656M

$56.99  $43.99

Made for transmen these shirts address the problems I've heard over the last year like .
"the neck is usually too big and you can see my binder underneath"
"The arms feel too loose and baggy, like you can see up my sleeve"
"I was told that I don't look masculine and sometimes people don't believe in me."
Here at Thread Damage we address all these problems and more via our shirts that are designed to relieve dysphoria due to ill fitting or over large shirts.
to show the most masculine features of the body we have adapted shirts from scratch to help broaden the shoulders, enlarge/defined bicep, accompanied with a wider cut at the bottom of the shirt to accommodate the hips.
These shirt's give the illusion of a tapered slim form while having enough room in the hip to not stretch or endanger the buttons.
Handmade from 100% cotton these shirts are made to order and will not be started untill the payment is completed.

S ... Chest 35" - 37"
... Neck 13" - 13 1/2"

M ... Chest 38" -40"
... Neck 14" - 14 1/2"

L ... Chest 40" - 43"
... Neck 15" - 15 1/2 "