Photo Keychain, Butterfly Keychain, Photography Keychain, Photograph Keychain, Spring Keychain, Original Photography Keychain

Model: E1019094703780858M


This original photograph of a gold, black, and orange butterfly feeding on the flowers of a purple butterfly bush captures the lighthearted joy of a butterfly alighting on purple flowers to feed on their sweet nectar, with green leaves visible in the background. Set in a 20mm silver tone pendant tray and topped with clear domed glass, this keychain is a work of art that showcases a miniature print of our original photography.

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*Please note: although our photography jewelry and keychains are water-resistant, they are not water-proof. If you submerge them in water, for example, they may not retain their original appearance. Soaking them in water will cause them to come apart, as the photographs are printed on high quality paper and the adhesives and glaze we use are water-soluble.

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