Sleek Western Silver Metal Cloisonne Enamel Horse Belt

Model: E101909470354889M

$56.99  $43.99

Sleek western silver metal cloisonné enamel horse belt c 1970s
The western style brown suede & leather belt
is adorned with a high quality silver metal buckle

The center of the silver metal buckle is designed with
with a horse figure set in cloisonné enamel
The four corners of the stylish buckle have
impressed stampings in a fan shaped design

The belt is designed with a dark brown band of
suede interspersed with brown leather sections
of whip cord saddle style stitching in white

Makes a very stylish unique accessory

The high quality silver metal cloisonne enamel
horse buckle can be detached and placed
on another belt if preferred at the buyers

The interior of the belt is stamped: CIRCLE Y

The waist notch sizes measure:
(29.5) (30.5) (31.5) (32.5) (33.5) inches

The belt measures 1.5 inches wide

The high quality silver cloisonné enamel
horse buckle measures 3" inches by 2" inches

There are three snaps on the interior
side of the belt. The three snaps allow
the buckle to be placed in different positions
This allows for some additional waist sizes

Overall Good Vintage Condition
The interior side of the belt has a few
sections that have cracking in the leather
backing. Not apparent from the exterior
and the belt is very sturdy and sound

The buckle can be placed on another belt
if preferred on the buyers end

The underneath bracket soldered on the
under side of the buckle accommodates
a belt width of 1.5 inches like the current
belt width

Reduced from $95.00 dollars