Tie Dye Formal Shirt for Men Size Large

Model: E10190947034001625M

$56.99  $43.99

Headed to the ball, Prince Charming? Rock the event in tie dye.

Pronto Uomo formal shirt with stud optional buttons and French cuffs in a dressy herringbone weave cotton.

Size 16 1/2 34/35

If you want to order a shirt for an upcoming event, time is of the essence!

USPS Priority shipping costs only $2 more for 3 day shipping (it can arrive in 2 days but this shipping is not guaranteed). Priority Express (guaranteed 2 day shipping) can add $30 or more.

Your shirt has been washed several times after the dying process to remove excess dye. However, there are some colors that could bleed very slightly for the first few washings, so never wash this shirt with white or very light color clothes. Wash it with other bright or dark colors in warm or cold water. If you want a crisp look, the cotton shirts can go to the cleaners for starch.

Thank you so much for shopping Tie Me Up and Dye Me. Each high quality shirt is carefully selected by me to insure that it has only been gently loved in its former life. I dye each one individually by hand to create a one of a kind masterpiece for you to wear. And thank you, too, for supporting my efforts to upcycle shirts and keep them out of a land fill.