Unique Hand Painted Silk Chiffon Elegant Halloween Gothic Style Scarf with Spider Web Black Silver White 14 X 53 READY TO Ship

Model: E10190947031523635M


Product information:
Designer - Liga Kandele
Material- 100 % silk chiffon extra soft fabric. You will love it!
Color - white background black and silver.
Size - 40 cm X 120 cm ( app. 15.7 X 47.2)
Package - Envelope and gift package
Photos don't show really how beautiful is this scarf,real colors are more bright.
This scarf is unique and it is a true piece of wearable
art,nobody else is going to have the same scarf like you!

Made of soft silk chiffon fabric with hand rolled edges,hand painted
and designed by me Liga Kandele.
Scarf has my signature.

The dyes are steam fixed to silk fibres for permanence
making the scarf hand washable in warm water with mild
shampoo or silk-wool detergent. Cool ironing.

This scarf is a perfect accessory for
casual or business outfits, as well as a perfect
gift for someone special.
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